"The most thoughtful gift I have received this year, perhaps ever, brought me to tears" - Everlynn

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✔️  Tens of thousands of notes and text analysed by us to create the highest quality and most natural sounding notes based off of the traits you choose.

✔️  Create up to 60 unique and personalised notes.

✔️  Add and edit your notes to make them truly unique. You can even upload your own photos.

✔️  Guaranteed to make them smile, or your money back!

✔️  The perfect way to tell your loved one how amazing they truly are.

✔️  One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give, and it only takes minutes to create.

Your notes are designed to last. If your recipient doesn't love them, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

How it Works

The most thoughtful gift they’ll receive! Your Box Of Us is super easy to make in just a few minutes and perfect for the one who already has everything

1. Select the traits that make them amazing.

2. Preview your personalised notes crafted by us.

3. Purchase your Box Of Us.

4. Add photos, edit & mark as ready.

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